Ridley Fenix - Lotto Soudal - Andre Greipel Ltd Edition


In the bustling world of professional cycling, where athletes are known for their fierce competitiveness and determination, one man stood out not just for his powerful pedal strokes, but for his warm and gentlemanly demeanour – André Greipel, affectionately known as “The Gorilla” in the peloton.

Greipel, hailing from Germany, didn’t just conquer the roads with his incredible sporting prowess; he did it with a smile and a contagious sense of humour.

While his legs were busy churning out watts, his personality was busy winning the hearts of his fellow riders. It wasn’t just about reaching the finish line first for Greipel; it was about doing it with style, grace, and a hearty laugh.

The Gorilla moniker wasn’t just a random choice either. Greipel’s power on the bike was so immense that his Lotto Soudal team sponsor Ridley Bikes decided to immortalize his nickname on the headtube of specially painted frames.

Ridley, the Belgian cycling brand, epitomizes a rich history of excellence, seamlessly blending tradition with cutting-edge innovation. Renowned for crafting top-tier bicycles, Ridley has propelled numerous professional athletes to victory. With a legacy steeped in success, Ridley continues to redefine the future of cycling with unparalleled quality and performance.

So when the opportunity came up to add this rare Lotto Soudal Ridley Fenix edition bicycle to our Flandrien Hotel collection, then we jumped at the chance. Produced to celebrate Greipel’s 2016 German National Championships victory, the bicycle is kitted out with Campagnolo Super Record Anniversary components, a Bora Ultra Wheelset and team-issue SRM Training System Powermeter kindly provided by our friend Uli Schoberer.

Andre Greipel wasn’t just a powerhouse on two wheels; he was the kindly champion who pedaled with power, charisma, and a touch of humour that made the cycling world a brighter place.

If you would like to hire the bicycle during a stay at the Flandrien Hotel, you can reserve it via our Classic Hire Rental service.