Ridley Noah Fast - Lotto Soudal Team - Caleb Ewan

PRICE: 5900 euro

In the world of professional cycling, where every second counts and the wind resistance can be your biggest foe, there emerges a pint-sized powerhouse from down under – Caleb Ewan, the dynamo of the pedal-powered universe.

Caleb, affectionately known as the “Pocket Rocket,” stands at a mere 5 feet 5 inches, but don’t let his compact stature fool you. This Aussie dynamo is a giant in the cycling world, renowned for his courage and tenacity on the road. 

Ewan’s incredible ability to adopt one of the most aerodynamic sprinting positions ever seen has left scientists scratching their heads. Some say he’s part human, part projectile, hurtling towards the finish line like a heat-seeking missile. One can only imagine the intense wind tunnel training sessions that must have gone into perfecting such a form.

During his time with the Lotto Soudal cycling team, Ewan has not only proved himself as a fierce competitor but also as a master of cycling’s dark arts. Whispers of his ability to draft behind a butterfly for that extra burst of speed have been circulating in the peloton.

And let’s not forget the unsung hero of Ewan’s victories – his trusty steed, the Ridley Noah Fast. This bicycle, equipped with more aero features than a spaceship, seems custom-made for Ewan’s sprinting escapades. Rumor has it that the Ridley Noah Fast is so aerodynamic that it once outran its own shadow. Fitted with Campagnolo Super Record EPS, an uber cool SRM Powermeter, and big and bold Campagnolo Bora wheelset, the bike just screams of speed.

In a world where every cyclist is looking for that extra edge, Caleb Ewan has found it in his own unique way. With a mix of courage, tenacity, and a sprinkle of Aussie charm, he’s carving his own path through the cycling world – one aerodynamic sprint at a time. The Pocket Rocket has left us all in awe, with many wins sure to come.

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