S-Works SL4 - Omega Quickstep - Mark Cavendish

PRICE: 6500 euro

In the illustrious realm of professional cycling, few names resonate with as much gusto as Mark Cavendish. The year 2014 marked a special chapter in the career of this British cycling maestro as he donned the colors of the Omega Quickstep Team, leaving a trail of awe on his way to the finish line.

Cavendish, with his legs churning like a turbocharged engine, raced on a Specialized Venge bicycle adorned with SRAM Red components and ZIPP wheels for most of the season. But for the mountain stages of the Tour de France his bike of choice was the lighter S-Works SL4, and it is this model that we have in our Flandrien Hotel collection

The story of Specialized, the brand that crafted Cavendish’s speed demon, is one of innovation and pedal-powered evolution. Founded in 1974, Specialized quickly pedalled its way into the hearts of cyclists worldwide. From humble beginnings, they transformed into a powerhouse of groundbreaking design, pushing the boundaries of what a bicycle could achieve.

As the years rolled by, Specialized continued to redefine the cycling landscape, becoming a byword for innovation. Their bicycles were sleek, aerodynamic vessels engineered to carve through the wind and conquer the most challenging terrains.

In the fast-paced world of cycling, Specialized has proven to be a juggernaut of forward-thinking. Even today, it stands tall as one of the most innovative bicycle brands globally, setting the standard for performance and design.

What’s more, Specialized’s commitment to cycling excellence extends beyond their laboratory of ingenuity. The brand still proudly sponsors the Quickstep Cycling Team, showcasing an enduring partnership that thrives on the shared pursuit of victory and the thrill of the ride.

So, as we reflect on Cavendish’s unforgettable 2014 season, let’s tip our helmets to the tandem of man and machine – a harmonious dance of speed and innovation that continues to define the spirit of cycling.

If you would like to hire Cav’s bicycle during a stay at the Flandrien Hotel, you can reserve it via our Classic Hire Rental service.