TIME VXR - Quickstep Team - Michael Rogers


The QuickStep cycling team of the early 1990s was a dominant force in the sport, with a roster of talented riders that included some of the biggest names in cycling history. The team was renowned for its aggressive riding style and its ability to win races across a range of terrain and conditions.


One of the most notable riders on the team during this period was Paolo Bettini, an Italian cyclist known for his explosive riding style and his ability to win races across a range of terrains. Bettini was a key member of the team for several years, winning numerous races and cementing his place as one of the greatest cyclists of his generation. The roster also included an up and coming young Belgian named Tom Boonen, as well as of other talented riders, including Wilfried Cretskens, Servais Knaven, and Kevin Hulsmans.


Another prolific winner on the team during this period was Michael Rogers, an Australian cyclist who was renowned for his ability to climb and time trial, and who won numerous races during his time with the team – including the World Time Trial Championship.


Michael is a good friend of the Flandrien Hotel,  so we were absolutely delighted to have added his TIME VXR to our collection. Fitted with Campagnolo Record Titanium 10s Groupset and Mavic Wheels, .the bike now sits alongside the bikes of other Aussie legends such as Cadel Evans, Mathew Hayman and Robbie McEwen.


TIME cycle is a French manufacturer that has been producing pedals and high-quality bicycles for over 30 years. The company’s founder Roland Cattin set a bold path with his inspired selections of unique manufacturing techniques and European production. For him, the bottom line was not financially motivated and had everything to do with seeking premium performance.

One of the key innovations that the company brought to the cycling world was its use of carbon fibre in both its pedal and frame designs. TIME was one of the first companies to use carbon fibre in pedal bodies, creating a lightweight and stiff platform that provided excellent power transfer and performance.


In addition, TIME’s carbon fibre frames used a unique braided carbon structure and were way ahead of their time, featuring innovative design elements such as asymmetrical chainstays and seatstays, which helped to increase stiffness and improve handling. Pro riders raved about their handling and feel.

It’s a tribute to Cattin’s vision that TIME still leads the way after more than 30 years and is widely known for making the finest carbon bikes in the world.